Why Is Cyber Security So Important?

Published on 28 May 2021

The world is becoming more and more reliant on technology; from using Microsoft Teams to have a remote meeting, to buying products online with a simple click. All these integrated features make our lives simpler and easier. But it’s important to ensure all valuable personal data and information is stored safely and securely.

That’s why having effective and up-to-date cyber security should be an integral part of your business strategy. By having strong cyber security measures in place you are preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access to important and sensitive data about your business, your employees, and your clients. Weak or minimal cyber security puts a spotlight on your business for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a broad term encompassing the many ways your business’s hardware and software could fall victim to cyber-attacks, threats, breaches, or thefts. Cyber-attacks are a malicious assault on a business or individual by cybercriminals attempting to steal data, cause disruption, or profit off you by holding your data or networks hostage.

Cyber attacks come in many different forms, the most common for businesses according to IT Governance are:

– Phishing:

Cyber criminals will use email, SMS, or even phone calls to mislead someone into handing over sensitive information or downloading malicious software onto their computer. Phishing accounts for 83% of all cyber breaches in 2021.

– Ransomware:

This is software designed to stop an employee or business from accessing any files until they pay a ransom. Even after paying the ransom, there is no guarantee that they will get their files back. 

– DDoS Attacks:

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks attempt to disrupt regular traffic to a website and overwhelm the servers. While the IT department is focussing on fixing the issue, the hackers use this opportunity to break into the business’s systems and cause significant disruption. 

– Computer Viruses:

Computer viruses are when a malicious code or program gains access to a computer or network; changing the way it functions without your knowledge. These can come from email attachments, visiting a compromised website, or plugging in an infected USB.

Any one of the cyber security breaches listed above could be detrimental to your business. Last year 1 in 5 businesses who experienced a cyber security breach lost money, data, and more. A third of breached businesses lost important time fixing the breach or putting in place better cyber security measures afterwards. If your business does become the victim of a cyber-attack, you could face large fines from the ICO (Information Commissioner Office) if they investigate and find you and your business breached GDPR regulations. Not to mention the damage this could have on your business’s reputation. 

It is important to take steps to ensure your business has the appropriate cyber security. A great place to start is by getting Cyber Essentials certified. It is a simple self-assessment run by the National Cyber Security Centre.

At Bluebell IT Solutions we take cyber security seriously. We have a wealth of experience in cyber security from basic security controls that every business should employ to the highest level of security controls used by most Governments. We will conduct a risk assessment to find any weak points in your cyber security that make you vulnerable to attacks, and give realistic advice on how to improve. Furthermore, our team can help design, develop and implement secure IT systems for your business.

Data is now the world’s most valuable resource. It’s the core of every business’s operation. Coupled with the reliance on computers and networks only growing, comes the risk of more intelligent and methodical cyber-attacks. Cyber security is a section of your business that you cannot afford to be relaxed with. Implementing high levels of strong cyber security protects your business and your customers from cyber threats. Find out more about cyber security and what you should be doing to protect your business by contacting us today on 01908 044202, or visit our contact page.

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