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At Bluebell, we offer expert and dynamic IT support throughout the city of Bedford. This includes a range of dynamic services from our specialist IT consultancy in Bedford. Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire and is a large town with a high population. Half the population of Bedfordshire live in either Bedford or Luton.

We’re proud to offer our service of specialist IT support in Bedford. Below are the exclusive services our IT experts in Bedford can provide. As well as how they will benefit your business:

  • Proactive support, preventing issues from reoccurring
  • Improve business efficiency with robust systems
  • Enable hybrid and remote working with cloud-based IT
  • Provide peace of mind ensuring your data is securely backed-up
  • Set up device management and advanced cyber security

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IT Consultancy Bedford

How do you succeed and grow as a business in Bedford?

At our IT company in Bedford, we believe it’s by working with highly skilled individuals. People with expert-level abilities who can drive your company’s processes forward. For a big aspect of your business such as IT, employing in-house IT specialists to lead and develop your operating procedures can be costly.

A cost-effective solution is to outsource parts of your business’s IT. This involves working alongside specialist IT consultancy in Bedford. Rather than spend time and resources to find an entire in-house IT team, outsourcing your IT saves your business time and money. Working alongside expert IT consultants will generate more consistent and effective results.

Our professional IT consultancy in Bedford can offer invaluable experience and knowledge. Without specialist IT companies in Bedford, or IT consultants in Bedford, companies are at more risk of cybersecurity attacks and losing data. As a business, if you don’t adapt you will be in danger of halting your growth. With expert IT support in Bedford, you will benefit from specialist advice and transform your business.

Hosted IT Bedford

​Our hosted IT in Bedford is an internet hosting service that allows your team to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection. At Bluebell, we offer secure and efficient hosted IT services in Bedford. As well as remote backup and disaster recovery support.

We base our hosted IT services in Bedford around developing a sophisticated IT infrastructure. From there we ensure it is secure and effective. Our team can transform your business’s IT infrastructure in a way that generates clear results. This can involve our IT consultants setting your business up with cloud management resources.

Cloud services will also be classified as hosted IT. But not every hosted IT service will be linked to the cloud. The benefits of using a hosting service include guaranteed off-site backup. This is part of our disaster recovery service. If your on-site computers are damaged or stolen, all your business’s valuable data and information will be safe in an external database.

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Free IT Health Check

You know your IT isn’t working how you want it to. It can be tricky to know exactly what in your IT needs to be changed or improved. By booking a Free IT Health Check with us we will assess your environment, and give you expert, detailed advice on the best way to improve your IT infrastructure.

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Hosted Telephony Bedford

One of the most important aspects of any business is communication. This includes communication with your clients and leads. As well as within your own dedicated team. Most businesses, and people, will take for granted that their phones will work. From mobile devices to fixed landlines. This is true for internet connections as well. But what is the plan if any of these things fail? 

At Bluebell, as part of hosted telephony services in Bedford, we will put in place a detailed recovery plan. To ensure you maintain communication with your clients and customers. As well as don’t miss out on any potential new leads. 

The telecoms industry is constantly adapting and evolving. To protect your business from missing out on new customers you need expert guidance. At Bluebell, our team can provide dynamic solutions to any telecoms issues. As well as set up your business with effective hosted telephony in Bedford.

Managed IT Services Bedford

At Bluebell, our managed IT services in Bedford aim to support your business and build your IT infrastructure. Finding the right expertise and technical advice can be difficult. We have sourced our team over a number of years to find the best IT consultants available.

This allows us to deal with security issues such as cybersecurity threats and data theft. Our team can give you peace of mind over the security of your business. This lets you focus on other aspects of your company and promotes growth. With Bluebell, you can ensure that your IT systems experience less downtime thanks to our expert managed IT services in Bedford. This increases your company’s productivity as well as allows your team to operate smoothly.

Any company needs a clear strategy for the different parts of its structure. An efficient and dynamic IT strategy is no different. Having a clear direction can be difficult when focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Our team at Bluebell will create a thorough analysis and plan for every area of your business involving IT. We will put in clear processes for getting the most out of your technology. As well as how to manage your online presence and data.

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Connect to the cloud

At Bluebell, we provide expert-level cloud computing and cloud services in Bedford. Cloud computing delivers on-demand computer resources without any necessary management by the user. This includes secure data storage and resource management. Cloud computing describes protected data centres through the internet

Our cloud services in Bedford involve server management, storage databases, and networking. Accessible to anyone in your business with an internet connection and the correct information. The cloud offers an innovative and flexible way to manage your online resources.

Typically, you will only have to pay for the cloud services you use as a business. Allowing you to reduce your operating costs. While improving the efficiency of how you store and access your business’s data with our cloud services in Bedford.

Making the jump to working from home can seem like a big leap to take. It’s true that remote working will require you to adapt some of the ways your business functions. But this doesn’t mean you need to make expensive, overly time-consuming changes. 

With the right guidance, you can help your team to work from home without any disruption to your business. You may also notice improvements in certain areas of how your team works, as well as an increase in productivity.

At Bluebell, we can set your business up to receive work calls through mobile devices. This allows you to work from home while still being able to communicate with your clients. As well as potential new leads. Our remote working support also includes setting up a VPN. A VPN will allow you to connect to your business’s IT infrastructure remotely through an online server.

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“When it comes to IT and Comms packages there are many companies out there who will spend time and energy selling you a package and then fail to follow that up once the systems are in place and you have signed on the dotted line so speak. Having been let down in the past by a provider who promised a lot and actually delivered very little, I went looking for a new provider and I found Bluebell.

They were very honest and upfront during the selling process, not pushy at all and made me feel confident that they were the right choice for us as a business. And we haven’t been let down. During the onboarding process we were kept informed at all stages, even to the point of getting regular calls from Darren (sales) to make sure everything was how I expected and had been sold to us, even helping out with advise about issues with our previous supplier. 

I feel confident that I can reach out to anyone of the team if I have a problem and it will be acknowledged and worked on in a suitable timeframe if not immediately.

They have dealt with any issues we’ve had in a prompt and timely manner, never making you feel like you were inconveniencing them or you were less important than other bigger clients.”

Jolene Imlach

Office Manager, Qwerk Ltd