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Mobile phones have been commonplace for decades now and have become an essential communication tool for both businesses and consumers. The vast majority of the population now have and use a smartphone daily for both business and personal communication, as well as for access to digital platforms, services, and applications. In Europe and internationally, GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is the recognised standard for sending and receiving calls/data on a mobile device, GSM is the common standard for all the UK networks Bluebell offer business solutions on.

At Bluebell, we recognise the tangible benefits that businesses realise when their staff can work and respond remotely. By ensuring that we offer our clients full visibility of the marketplace and engage on a consultative basis, we can tailor a solution that fits best for the customer. Ensuring that they have access to the full range of services and applications available at competitive pricing to offer the best value for money.

Mobile Data Usage

As technology in the cellular industry has evolved, mobile data usage has increased significantly making it more important than ever that key stakeholders both have visibility of, as well as robust control mechanisms to allow them to manage the telecoms budgets they are responsible for. This is why Bluebell has a dedicated customer service team who offer a full-service wrap. The team have access to live management portals that on request can be set to issue instant alerts should any user be at risk of exceeding their tariff allowances, thus minimising the risk of “bill shock” …

Bluebell has agreements that enable us to connect business users to the three major networks, O2, EE, and Vodafone. Each of these carriers has a myriad of tariffs that can be confusing. Our team of experienced business advisors and support staff will look to get an understanding of a client’s business, their ambitions, and how their mobile fleet is used. By completing detailed fact finds we can recommend the optimum commercial package that will enable our clients to focus on their business priorities.

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With the growth in remote working, many businesses are moving towards fully converged solutions where a mobile device becomes an extension of both a desk phone and PC. With Bluebells’ wide portfolio of products, we can offer truly converged solutions that will integrate mobile, fixed-line, and IT technologies. By having strategic relationships with some of the leading service providers and manufacturers in the telecoms and IT sector, we can offer our clients strong and sound commercial propositions. As well as the most current hardware/technology and the latest software/applications all delivered and supported by a team of proven industry specialists.

We are aware that change can be worrying for many people but no matter what your business requirements are, Bluebell will work with you to ensure that you not only get the right deal but will fully project manage the whole process to ensure that switching provider or network is managed efficiently and is a seamless process.

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