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Managed Email Services

Due to rising costs, greater complexity and compliance requirements, companies are shifting email services to the cloud. This is to achieve the expertise, reliability, and scalability that they need to become more agile and strategic in running their core business.

We are dedicated to delivering cloud-based email, collaboration, connectivity, and security solutions that simplify how companies process business communications. Microsoft 365 Email Services offer the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible email and collaboration platform to empower businesses with greater productivity and peace of mind.

Bluebell offers Microsoft 365 which includes a completely secure and compliant email communication and collaboration service. Powered by super-fast internet, 4G and cloud technology, many small and medium-sized businesses are already living the dream. Working from home and even home-based jobs are fast becoming the norm. Up to half of the UK will be remote workers by 2020. Could your business be next?

Exchange Online is Microsoft’s hosted email for businesses. It’s the industry-leading cloud solution adopted by small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Exchange Online provides the benefits of cloud-based email service with the robust capabilities of on-premises server deployment. Simply put, Microsoft will store, manage, and secure your businesses email for a low monthly cost. Microsoft is always looking to improve the capabilities provided to customers, so they continually ask, ‘what do you like?’ and ‘why did you choose Exchange Online?’.

With Microsoft 365 hosted email (Exchange Online), you get:

  • Email with a 50 GB mailbox
  • Use your own custom domain name (
  • Get business-class email on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web with Exchange
  • Manage your calendar, share available meeting times, schedule meetings, and get reminders
  • Easily schedule meetings and respond to invitations using shared calendars
  • Protect your email against spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection
  • Help protect against sophisticated threats hidden in email attachments and links and get cutting-edge defences against zero-day threats, ransomware, and other advanced malware attempts with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Enable unlimited cloud archive and long-term preservation policies to ensure you never lose an email with Exchange Online Archiving
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1. Access Anywhere

Easy access to email from anywhere is essential to improving sales, productivity, innovation, and customer engagement. Salespeople can increase sales by responding to prospects faster. Exchange Online is top of its class with access available from anywhere. You won’t need a VPN or your work computer. Users can easily configure their smartphones and tablets or access their email on any web browser. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS the access is always available.

2. Reliability & Available Anytime

Microsoft has a financially backed SLA for 99.9% up-time. Microsoft manages multiple data centres across the world. If a large storm is hitting an area, Microsoft will seamlessly migrate your email to a safe data centre. Your organisation will keep moving, regardless of world events.

3. Security

Today, cyber-criminals are more organised and motivated than at any time in history. It’s easier than ever to attack an organisation. Criminals have become organised and now offer Cyber-crime as a Service (CaaS). CaaS is a kit or service you can purchase to attack people and organisations. They’ll target known exploits. Without proper patching, maintenance, and a dedicated staff your business is more susceptible than ever before. Fortunately, Exchange Online has world-class protection from cyber-crime.

Employees want the freedom to access the applications and data they need on whatever PC or device they choose. Whether at the office, at home, or on the road. At the same time, you need to make sure data is protected and available only to the people who should have access.

Exchange Online has automatic, always-on protection. Microsoft has dedicated staff to keep your business safe from new threats. Patching is automatic, and maintenance is always up-to-date.

4. Spam Filtering

100% of known viruses blocked. 99% of spam stopped. All email into Exchange Online is fed through multiple Spam filters! The filters can be customised to allow certain partners, safe/dangerous IP addresses, content filtering, and more.

Outbound email is also secured. Designed to prevent spoofing to keep your organisation off blacklists.

5. Encrypted Email

Exchange Online provides encryption at every level and many ways to encrypt email outside of your organisation:

  • All data is encrypted at rest. “Data at rest” refers to data that isn’t actively in transit. In Exchange Online, email data at rest (sitting on a hard drive in a secure data centre) is encrypted.
  • Exchange Online will encrypt communication going to and coming from the client. Whether the client uses Android, Apple, Outlook, Windows, Mac, or a web browser.
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6. Litigation Hold / In-Place Hold

In Exchange Online, you can use In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold to accomplish the following goals:

  • Enable users to be placed on hold and preserve mailbox items immutably
  • Preserve mailbox items deleted by users or automatic deletion processes such as MRM
  • Protect mailbox items from tampering, changes by a user, or automatic processes by saving a copy of the original item
  • Preserve items indefinitely or for a specific duration
  • Keep holds transparent from the user by not having to suspend MRM
  • Use In-Place eDiscovery to search mailbox items, including items placed on hold

Additionally, you can use In-Place Hold:

  • Search and hold items matching specified criteria
  • Place a user on multiple In-Place Holds for different cases or investigations

7. Archiving

With Exchange Online, users get advanced archiving functionalities. With an added archive mailbox running parallel to the primary mailbox, they get better security.

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