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Hosted IT Northampton

At Bluebell, we provide Hosted IT in Northampton that includes Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery. As well as Hosted Private and Hosted Shared Environments, Hosted VoIP Telephony, Connectivity, and IT Support. Other services we offer include Network Monitoring, Hardware Maintenance, and IT Procurement in general.

Many clients look to us to help guide their cloud management journey. From traditional on-premise environments to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models. This means leveraging private, public, and hybrid cloud options alongside their own dedicated IT resources. IaaS provides a flexible infrastructure that is reliable, secure, and compliant. As well as cost-effective. Increased agility allows you to flex and contract resources on-demand and deploy new compute resources in hours rather than days.

IT Assessment

Our assessments provide the data needed to support decisions to expand private cloud capabilities or migrate workloads to the public cloud. As well as help chart a variety of migration paths from simple implementations to comprehensive enterprise programs.

Once businesses grasp the advantages of having a consistent remote working environment with all their applications, connectivity, and customisations in one place, a hosted server makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the many advantages:

  • Moving customer premises is easier because server hardware doesn’t need to move.
  • Remote access is built-in, allowing selected employees to work from home.
  • Expensive and disruptive server hardware renewals and upgrades are generally built into a solution.
  • Expansion of the system in terms of branches or hardware expansion can be as simple as agreeing on the charges and restarting the servers.
  • Hosted servers provide cost-effective security benefits to businesses through the rollout of tighter security policy on the network.
  • Company data is more easily retained on a hosted server than a traditional client/server network.
  • Files stored on the hosted platform can be synced to local computers for offline access
  • It’s easier for users to print reports, including specialist documents, to a connected branch office or warehouse facility.
  • Users can work in the environment they’re used to from any branch office or any Internet-connected location. This provides flexibility and business continuity benefits to the business.
  • Hosted systems run on enterprise-level server hardware that is more reliable, and there is generally resilience in server hardware within the facility that creates fault tolerance and increases the availability of the hosted servers.
  • Once the decision to move to a hosted IT service in Northampton has been taken, it’s critical to make the right choice for the provider of that solution. The provider makes all the difference in terms of the deployment, scalability, ease of migration, and level of ongoing support. It’s the provider that ensures a hosted server can enable the seamless integration of servers, LOB applications, external connectivity and hosted solutions to provide increases in business efficiency.




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Dedicated and Shared Cloud

Dedicated cloud options are delivered on specific infrastructure, comprised of industry-standard technologies, and deliver dedicated backup and storage capabilities. The shared cloud allows for a more affordable solution based on shared computer backup and storage, with full recovery services.

No matter which option you choose, Bluebell’s IaaS includes complete Managed Cloud expertise. This contains:

  • Provisioning, configuration, management, and support of operating systems
  • Hands-on infrastructure management
  • Managed authentication
  • Service desk support
  • Disaster Recovery as a service

IT Solutions

We believe in providing straightforward solutions to complex problems. With unparalleled levels of support throughout each process.

We take a friendly and professional approach geared to providing you with comprehensive advice at the first time of the request. Our Account Managers and Consultants are experienced and dedicated to delivering ‘service excellence’ with the ultimate goal of saving your organisation as much time and expense as possible.

Bluebell has the in-house experience and expertise to migrate your existing environment into colocation Datacentres and then manage them as a private or shared cloud environment. We understand that although we have the ability to provide these services, a fully Hosted IT Northampton managed service might not fit your business strategy straight away. This is why we focus on demonstrating what services are best suited to you.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your organisation and carry out discovery exercises during each project request. After discovery, we will provide our findings within a proposal accompanied by an HLD (High-Level Design) and project plan to give you total peace of mind.

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