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Hosted Telephone System

Hosted telephony in Northampton is a telephone system that sits in the cloud rather than in your office. It offers all of the usual features and functionality available on a traditional phone system (as well as many others not typically available) but without the need for the significant CAPEX that is required when installing a new PBX based solution.

VoIP Phone System

As a result of the significant investments in cloud-based technology over the last few years, a huge number of companies have already decided to adopt this latest technology and switch away from a traditional PBX system. Moving over to a hosted solution where they can leverage all of the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer.

For many companies and professional organisations, it is fast becoming the norm to use the internet (IP) for all their communication services. Not only for audio but also for digital and video integration. A significant number of UK SME’s have already transferred or are in the process of transferring their IT hosting and data storage to the cloud, it’s expected that their telecommunications will follow suit.

In the UK, it is public knowledge that in the coming years, BT is ceasing their legacy infrastructure and moving their entire voice network over to VoIP onto their fibre network. This is a clear indication that voice communication is evolving and will ultimately be provided and delivered on a new platform in the future.

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Why Hosted Telephony for your Business?

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Easy to deploy

No waiting weeks for installation, Bluebell has a team of field-based engineers and office-based support staff who will fully manage the delivery. Desk phones are delivered pre-configured, auto attendant messages are pre-recorded, hunt groups pre-assigned, out of hours messages/call forwarding pre-set. On-site face to face handset and system training provided on deployment. No downtime whatsoever with all existing telephone numbers being ported over and only completed once the new system is live.

Affordable Phone Systems

No upfront costs for the provision of the new equipment. In most cases, all hardware, service delivery and installation costs will be included within a proposal on an OPEX model across the tenure of the agreement. A complete technology refresh that includes the latest desk phones, routers, POE switches and WiFi access points (all warrantied for the tenure of the agreement) will be supplied.

Stable P&L forecasting

Most packages are supplied on a “license per user basis”, you pay a monthly licence fee for users who have a physical phone line. The cost of the licence includes access to the system features, as well as inclusive talk time minutes for outbound calls to UK 01/02/03 pre-fix landline and UK 07 mobile numbers. This enables a business to accurately manage the P&L telecoms line and minimises the risk of “bill shock”.


With a hosted telephony in Northampton, it is a simple process to add new users. Unlike with a traditional PBX which would need to have space on the server and require an on-site engineer visit to install a new phone. There are no limitations on the volume of users on a hosted system and new users can be set up remotely which will get them live instantly.

Secure Phone Lines

All calls are encrypted and monitored to fend off cyber-attacks. Bluebell’s hosted partner of choice has multiple data centres with 24/7 support to ensure top-level security is maintained.

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Robust & Disaster-proof

A cloud-based hosted telephony system in Northampton includes full disaster recovery ensuring that your business has a robust business continuity plan should the worst happen e.g. your business loses connectivity, you’re unable to access your site, any member of your staff cannot get to their workstation. No matter where you are in the world, providing you have an internet connection, with hosted telephony in Northampton, you can still receive and pick up calls (across multiple users). Also, outbound calls can be made displaying the companies published number on any compatible device from anywhere in the world with user access to the corporate directory.

Call Data

A key and tangible advantage of a hosted solution versus a traditional PBX system is the immediate visibility you have of the detailed and accurate call data it collects. Using the secure management portal, you can for example track the number of missed or abandoned inbound calls (with visibility of the caller’s number), the average time it takes to answer calls, what options inbound callers are selecting (e.g. sales, accounts, service etc), staff/department productivity, and talk time (by individual, department or across the company). These analytics give senior managers and key stakeholders a detailed insight into the business performance enabling them to identify if an additional resource is required, performance-based targets need to be set/introduced or if there are any potential issues.
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Never Miss a Business Call

Bluebell’s hosted telephony in Northampton can easily be configured to link any phone number across multiple devices. Providing the device is internet-enabled, you can receive or make a call on your IP desk phone, desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All call data irrespective of the device is recorded on the central management portal for ease of access.

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