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It is not unreasonable to suggest that professional organisations and businesses of all sizes would state that robust and effective communication channels are a critical element if they’re to be successful in developing strong, valued, and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and suppliers.

On the whole, we tend to simply go about our daily business and take it for granted that the phones, both mobile and fixed will work, the broadband will be stable and powerful, the Wi-Fi will automatically connect, and our digital interfaces will deliver as always. The questions are “what happens if any element fails?”, “what resilience do we have?”, “what is our disaster recovery strategy?” and “can we continue to operate effectively if any of our essential communication components fail?”

Network Telecoms for Businesses

“If” you’re unable to immediately answer any of these questions in the affirmative, this is where Bluebell can come in and advise you of what solutions are available that will add value and protect your business.

The telecoms sector is an extremely fluid industry, constantly evolving with new and relevant technologies coming on-line all the time, the key stakeholders at Bluebell (with over 70 years continuous industry experience between them) recognise this and have engendered a company ethos where we must be aware of the latest innovations and if they’re viable, make our clients aware of what is available, and how it can tangibly benefit our clients. Thus, enables them to “at the very least” have visibility of what is available.

Bluebell is a young and dynamic business, we are committed to being at the forefront of the telecoms industry, we passionately believe that it is our corporate responsibility to identify industry developments and trends. Only by being aware of what is happening at the cutting edge of your marketplace can you expect to attract like-minded and ambitious businesses.

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Telecoms Service Provider

We can provide our clients with a full range of the very latest tailored telecoms and connectivity solutions. Our portfolio of products includes traditional and IP hosted fixed line systems, the full range of internet connectivity services, business mobile tariffs, and fully unified communication packages.

We can do this because of our knowledge set and the key partnership agreements we have with some of the industries leading names including BT, Gamma (Gold Partner), City Fibre (City Champion), Glide, O2 (, EE (Mainline), and Vodafone.

Being a trusted and valued brand by our customers is Bluebells ultimate goal. We expect to achieve this by having an obsessive commitment to provide the most current and relevant products that are commercially sound for our customers, offer genuine value for money, being efficiently delivered/deployed professionally, and serviced by a knowledgeable and committed support team. 100’s of businesses have already entrusted their communication and connectivity services to Bluebell.

Why not allow us to meet with you and see what we can offer your business? You will be surprised at what is available and how much more you can get for your money if working with a partner who has a genuine desire to offer solutions that will protect your business and help increase productivity.

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