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Call Solution Packages

At Bluebell we offer a comprehensive range of standard telephone lines and call solution packages. There are several variations that can be tailored to suit any businesses needs which will facilitate and support a range of services. There can be some limitations as to what standard services can be applied based on the existing infrastructure or PBX capacity on site. However, in most cases, upgrades are available to enable you to get the most out of your existing infrastructure.


Public Switched Telephone Network more typically referred to as PSTN is the most common method of connection for businesses requiring a very small number of connections/phone numbers. It’s a basic telephone connection that will support one number. However, multiple PSTN lines can be installed at a premise through a line box.

Irrespective of what type of fixed-line phone system a company uses e.g. traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or a Hosted Telephone IP based solution (Gamma Horizon as an example), there will nearly always be a requirement for PSTN lines to deliver some services. Standard ADSL and FTTC Broadband services, alarm lines (e.g. Red Care), PDQ’s (chip and pin/card machines) will very often sit on a dedicated PSTN line.


Integrated Services for Digital Network commonly referred to as ISDN is a digital transmission connection that enables high-quality voice calls and internet access. With ISDN you can simultaneously transmit voice and data, as well as the facility to have multiple inbound and outbound calls with multiple DDI’s (Direct Dial Inbound) that can be set to bypass your switchboard.

There are two ISDN options, ISDN2 and ISDN30, both offer the same functionality, the only differences being the number of lines available (usually referred to as channels). ISDN2 has a minimum installation of 2 channels and ISDN30 has a minimum installation of 8 channels. However, you can have up to 30 channels increasing in blocks of 2. With ISDN, you will be charged an individual rental for each channel. A key advantage of ISDN is that you can scale up or down the number of channels to suit your company requirements (providing, of course, you retain the “minimum” number of channels associated to the specific product.

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With a traditional phone system, as opposed to a Hosted telephone solution, all outbound call traffic would be chargeable. This can be on an individual per-second or per-minute basis with the rates set based on the specific tariff.

At Bluebell we have a wide range of call packages that can be tailored to suit your business, these include “bundled minute” tariffs where you can pre-purchase a volume of inclusive minutes for calls to UK landline and UK mobile numbers. Also, we can provide bundled minute packages for calls to “NGN” non-geographical numbers (e.g. 0845/0870) and in some cases, we can also provide bundled minutes for calls to international numbers (this is only available for calls to specific international destinations).

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