What to Look For When Choosing an IT Consultancy

Published on 31 August 2021

Having basic IT knowledge can help you independently set up and install your IT software and manage your devices. But when it comes to the more complicated elements, like setting up your network, cybersecurity or finding the best software out there for your business, you may lack the expertise. That’s where IT consulting can be an excellent addition and asset to you.


What does an IT consultancy do?

An IT consultancy will streamline and improve your IT infrastructure. It will increase your productivity and make your business more profitable in the long term. An IT consultant will analyse your current IT systems and make changes to ensure your IT is meeting the requirements your business needs. They listen, take into consideration budget constraints, and implement the best IT infrastructure for your business. It is important to understand and know what you need from your IT before looking for an IT consultancy.

So, other than experience what should you be looking for? Below are some key things to consider when finding the right IT consultancy for your business.


Things to Look For When Hiring a IT Consultancy

Understanding Your Business Needs

Before finding the right IT consultancy you need to know what your current and future business needs are. Knowing what you need from an IT consultancy will help you narrow down your search. For instance, are you concerned about your data security? Then finding an IT consultancy that specialises in cybercrime and disaster recovery is key. Do you want an IT consultancy to assist in the basic or more complex solutioning of your IT infrastructure? These are all important questions to consider.



How much are you willing to spend? The right IT consultancy will consider your budget. They should be able to understand and meet the needs of your business requirements. Or if your budget and requirements don’t quite match, they should be able to find a realistic and achievable compromise.

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Communication is key in any business dealing and the same stands for finding the right IT consultancy for you. An IT consultancy should take time to fully understand how your business operates and what you require from them. This will allow them to create bespoke solutions tailored to your business requirements. An IT consultancy is there to assist in solving your issues and finding the best way to fit their fixes into your budget, rather than try to sell you the latest technology.



Don’t be afraid to check their reviews and ratings. The best way to be sure that an IT consultancy will deliver is to check what their previous customers have said. Like with any product or service, reviews let you know if you should invest your money. Alternatively, if you are struggling to know where to start, getting recommendations from previous colleagues, friends or family is an excellent way to begin.


Keep it Local

As discussed before, clear and open communications are key when working with an IT consultancy. Whilst phone calls and Teams are a great way to keep communications open, nothing quite beats a face-to-face meeting. Finding a local IT consultancy will increase your face-to-face meetings, making better communications and building better relationships. They will most likely have knowledge of the local area and know of any potential technical problems in the area and adjust your plan to accommodate or bypass these. For instance, if your area is known for having poor internet connections, a local IT consultancy will already be aware of this and be able to implement a strategy to combat this.


There are many things to consider when looking for and finding the right IT consultancy for you. It is important to consider what your pain points are and what you want to improve. Remember an IT consultancy that has clear communications and experience is key.

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