How Using Cloud Services Can Help Drive Business Growth

Published on 12 November 2021

Cloud services have become an ever-increasing topic of conversation amongst businesses. In fact, 74% of businesses in the UK use some kind of cloud-based technology. Cloud services offer a range of advantages that more traditional methods lack. Within this blog, we will explore how these advantages can help with your businesses growth, regardless of size.  

How Cloud Services Can Help Businesses Grow


One of the most prominent advantages of cloud services is how your data is accessed, managed, protected and used. 

According to the British Chambers of Commerce 93% of businesses that suffered a data loss for more than 10 days filed for bankruptcy. The majority of data loss is the result of human error. Cloud services stores your data, and its backups, across multiple secure servers around the world. Meaning there is no need to save or store files on a device. Whereas with traditional storage, namely on the device itself, if, for example, the internal hardware becomes corrupt the data will be lost. Using cloud services to store your data prevents this, significantly reducing downtime from data loss. 

Cloud services provide valuable data-driven insights into your business’s operation. Easily access your data to make informed decisions on your business. For example, Lufthansa Group (a global aviation group) found their efficiency increased by 30% when implementing data-driven insights to make decisions. 

Scalability and Flexibility

A key part of any growing business is having the flexibility to scale up and down easily. Cloud services are flexible and adaptable giving you a competitive edge. Easily streamline and expand your operations.

When the pandemic hit, offices were forced to close, resulting in the majority of the UK population working from home. Businesses, like Bluebell IT Solutions, already using the cloud could easily make the switch. We were able to quickly shift to working from home with minimal downtime. We have been able to adapt to government guidelines and changes efficiently with no loss of operation. Cloud services provide the responsiveness that is needed in a post-pandemic environment, enabling you to respond quickly to changes in internal and external environments, keeping your competitive edge. 

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Using cloud services over more traditional methods moves your hardware and data spending from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. Prevent unnecessary spending of capital when predicting your hardware and data requirements by using cloud services. Cloud services allow you to upscale or descale as your business develops. Businesses on average have saved 30-50% by switching to cloud services. Allowing you to invest more into the business itself. 

Save money on in-house servers when moving to cloud services. In-house servers cost to maintain and store. Including expenses on electricity, heating, cooling, equipment and space. Cloud services eliminate these costs and allow you to expand easily as your business grows. 

Remote working and collaboration 

2020 has transformed the way businesses operate. In fact, Acas found that 55% of employers predict an increase in staff working from home or remotely. Businesses will need to meet these demands to stay competitive and keep their key staff. In addition, location is no longer a consideration when looking for new employees. Get the best staff for the role, rather than the best within your geographical location. 

Cloud services make collaboration (remotely or otherwise) easy and efficient. Employees can work on the same document at the same time, make suggestions, and eliminate duplicate documents. 

Switching to cloud services is a step most businesses have already implemented or are considering. As stated above 74% of businesses in the UK use some kind of cloud-based technology. To remain competitive within your industry it is imperative that you make a move towards cloud services or cloud-based technologies. Cloud services grow as your business grows, create an efficient workflow, streamline collaborations and allow informed data-driven decisions. 

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