Is Cloud Computing Cost Effective?

Published on 30 June 2021

Cloud services have seen a huge increase in use since the pandemic started and all of us had to quickly adjust to working from home or remote working. This trend has continued into 2021 with the Gartner Forecast predicting a further 18.4% increase in cloud services this year, but is it the right choice for your business?

Benefits Of Cloud Services

Protect and Utilise Your Data

  • Get peace of mind. Your data will be safe from many common causes of data loss. With disaster recovery, you will be able to access all your files and documents regardless of potential mishaps that happen at work, like a power failure.
  • Seamlessly transfer your data across to any device. Before the cloud, transferring your data from one computer to another took time. Utilising cloud services means it only takes seconds to access your data once it’s on your new device. For expert support, Bluebell IT Solutions can assist you in transferring your files over to the cloud.

Increase Productivity and Collaboration

  • Enhance your team’s collaborative skills. Shared spaces in the cloud allow your team to access the same documents. Make changes or add comments for a smoother workflow and faster results.
  • Increase quality control. Eliminate the confusion of multiple copies of a document or sending large files over email, by using cloud services.
  • Access your documents from anywhere. Stuck on a train with a big collaborative project to present? Whilst on the train you can make and see changes in real-time with your team utilising the cloud.


Elevate Your Cyber Security Protection

  • Continuous security updates and patches. This allows you to focus on your business and its growth while keeping cyber security a top priority.
  • Enhance your security status by using encryption. Encryption will ensure that your data is harder for any unauthorised person to read.
  • Eliminate the risk of data loss through a misplaced hard drive. No need to take a hard copy of all your companies data home with you every night, running the risk of it being stolen. All your data will be safe and secure in the cloud.


Save on Cost

  • Pay for what you need. Pick and choose the services best suited to your business and easily adjust them as your business grows.
  • Save money on servers. Do away with the costly running and upkeep of servers along with electricity and air conditioning bills.
  • Prevent unnecessary software purchases. Many cloud services provide free software updates, so you won’t need to worry about additional software costs in the future.


Choosing to switch to a cloud service comes with a whole host of benefits. Microsoft has reported a 400% increase in team usage since the pandemic started. You may already be using a cloud-based service without realising it. For instance, if you use Facebook or Gmail both on your desktop and phone you are using a cloud service.

Often, the high cost of cloud services is discussed, however, in reality it’s a bespoke service. Catering to what you need as a business, the cost can be as much or as little as needed. Bluebell IT Solutions are Microsoft Silver Partners specialising in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud Services). We take time to listen to what you need, creating a unique set of services to meet your requirements. Because our cloud services are delivered on a pay as you go model you can add or remove services as and when it suits you.

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