10 Reasons Why IT Support is Important For All Businesses

Published on 30 October 2020

For all the tasks that are involved on a day-to-day basis, running a business is hard work by any standard. Juggling people, sales, finances, and legal complexities, it can be an impossible task. That is before you throw in the need for IT. Something every business uses and needs, but isn’t always best equipped to manage.

IT is the backbone of most businesses. As we move towards an ever more digital future, being able to access websites, financial records, social media, sales reports and much more becomes vital. IT support has never been more important for all businesses looking to succeed, so let’s look at 10 reasons why your business needs IT support.

1. Embrace New Technologies

There’s no denying that technology is a fast-moving industry. New technologies arrive all the time helping us to live, work, and play. Having a team of knowledgeable IT professionals available means you can find technology earlier that can actively improve your business, saving you time and money just when you need it most.

2. Remote Support 

Part of that new technology means that IT support no longer means a technician sitting in front of your computer solving problems. Remote IT support means that any issues can be accessed via the internet and often resolved much quicker. As more and more people begin to work from home, this becomes increasingly important.

IT Support Objectives

3. Data Management

In these modern times, the data that companies produce has grown exponentially in just a few short years. It’s one thing to create the data, but quite another to manage it. IT support will not only help keep your information stored so it’s accessible but keep it secured from viruses, accidental deletion, and following regulations.

4. Virus Protection

Security is a key part of any IT support strategy. Anti-virus software is one weapon against trojan horses, malware, worms, and any number of other problems, but it’s only part of the solution. Having it is one thing, but keeping it up-to-date and protecting against the latest attacks is something only IT support can provide.

5. Device Consistency

More people are working remotely or from home now than ever before. With the sheer number of mobiles, tablets, and laptops being used, and the rise of ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device) within organisations. Having all devices working together and with consistent software is a challenge without dedicated IT support managing and updating them.

6. Experts On-Hand

If IT isn’t your forte, or you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it, having a team of professionals on call is the best option. Expertise in the form of local IT support can be worth its weight in gold. Just knowing you have a team of knowledgeable, trained IT experts a phone call away can give you one less thing to worry about.

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7. Monitoring

You don’t want to wait until something goes wrong with your IT system before you act. Having IT support means they can monitor the health of your system in almost real-time to identify when things may be going astray. Everything from virus control, file storage, or internet access problems can be alerted to the ServiceDesk, usually before the end user even knows!

8. Small Problems Remain Small

We all know how those small annoyances within any piece of software can be frustrating. Even the best software will have some glitches or bugs in it. Having a team of IT experts on-call means those little issues don’t become bigger problems.

9. Help You Grow

Almost all businesses are looking to grow and expand over time. You want to scale up, hire more staff, and expand your range, but that takes a lot of effort. IT support will know the tips and tricks to help you grow and the best IT solutions to facilitate that growth.

10. Connectivity

IT will help your business, but it’s so often overlooked. Every department will rely on some aspect of IT to do their job. From internet connectivity, email, and website maintenance to telephony, conferencing and Customer Relationship Management, IT provides the lifeblood of a business, but that needs to be supported to work correctly and ensure everyone is on the same (web)page.

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