As the work environment evolves, Forbes estimates that by 2025, 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. With this in mind, it is important to consider steps your business can take to secure your competitive advantage and ensure business continuity. Virtual desktops can help you achieve both.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop is a piece of software that imitates the desktop you would typically see on your PC. It allows you to access your desktop environment remotely from any device via an internet connection. The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) looks and feels like a physical desktop you would experience when using a PC. You have access to all your operating systems, software, data, and applications. 

The benefit is that regardless of what device you are using (for instance, your phone), you will experience the same familiar environment and access to your data every time. All you need to do is open your browser and log in.

Team working together on a virtual desktop

The Advantages of Using Virtual Desktop

Implementing virtual desktops offers numerous benefits that can transform your business operations. Virtual desktops provide a consistent and secure work environment across various devices, allowing your team to maintain productivity whether they’re in the office, remote working, or on the go. Here are some key benefits of virtual desktops.

Employees and Flexibility


Cost Savings

Centralised Management

Centralised management through virtual desktop

Why Does Your Business Need a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktop environment gives your business’s IT flexibility, whilst improving your security and cutting down on costs. Keep your employee’s productivity high by giving them a familiar desktop and work environment no matter the device. Manage their access and your data from a singular location and fix any IT issues with ease remotely. 

Improve your cyber security by keeping all your data on the cloud rather than employee devices. Reduce expenditure by reducing the amount of hardware support and devices your business uses, whilst being able to quickly scale up or down.

How to Set Up Virtual Desktops for Your Business?

Setting up virtual desktops can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with technical details. At Bluebell IT Solutions, we recommend Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop, that goes beyond traditional virtual desktop infrastructure to increase collaboration, scalability, cost efficiency, and productivity. 

Contact us today about Azure Virtual Desktop, or call us on 01908 044202 to learn how Bluebell IT Solutions can help you implement a seamless virtual desktop solution for your business.