Are You Getting the Most Out of Your IT Service Provider?

Published on 28 October 2021

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In the busy working world, it can be tough to take a moment and consider whether your IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) is meeting your expectations. Your MSP should give you a single point of service, lower costs and increase productivity. The sign of having a great MSP is one you rarely think about. If you find yourself constantly calling your IT Managed Service Provider, trying to fix your IT yourself, experiencing downtime and loss of productivity, it may be time to look deeper into what your IT provider is really doing to benefit you.

Proactive and Recurring issues

If you are constantly contacting your IT support desk about the same recurring issues, it may mean that your provider is not trying to proactively fix the issue. They may be just resolving the result of an issue, without diving deeper to address the root of the issue. Your IT provider should be proactively finding solutions for your issues rather than quick fixes. They are there to keep things running in the background. They are responsible for keeping your tech, software and security up to date without it impeding your work. This can be particularly frustrating if you are paying by the hour rather than on a monthly service.

Long Waiting Times

Once you have logged an issue with IT how long does it take for them to come back to you? Prolonged waiting times can cause unwanted downtime, loss of productivity and frustrated employees. This could also break trust with your MSP and cause tensions within the relationship. Ideally, your IT provider would respond to your issues quickly and efficiently, and when in some cases they need longer to work on the problem, they keep you informed.

Unexpected bills and Upselling

Receiving an unexpected bill at the end of the month is something no one wants. Is this something that occurs with your IT provider? And when you finally get a hold of your IT account manager, do they try to sell you a new package or upgrade rather than address the issue? In some cases this can’t be avoided, some businesses need to upgrade their IT to function better. However unexpected bills are not something you should be experiencing. Any additional costs to your monthly bill should be agreed on before work is carried out.

They are not helping your business grow

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Your IT Managed Service Provider should be offering additional value to your business. They are an enabler to help your business grow and develop. They are there to advise you on your tech and software strategy which contributes to improving your efficiency and business continuity. Many of these issues are small when looked at individually but once seen altogether they paint a picture of an IT Managed Service Provider who is not delivering what they ought to be. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many small to medium businesses. If you like to know more about how Bluebell IT Solutions can help you become more efficient by saving you time and money whilst giving you peace of mind, then call us today at 01908 044202.

Are you getting most of your IT provider?

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