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Hardware Procurement

Unsure which PCs you should buy for your business? Don’t have the time to deal with new laptop deployments? Bluebell takes the hassle out of the process by managing hardware procurement and IT asset management for many of our clients. Sourcing new IT equipment can be a time-consuming process. How can you be sure that your IT hardware and infrastructure investment is going to fit the bill and provide value for money?

Bluebell can simplify the process of sourcing IT equipment for your business and ensure that you get the most appropriate devices for your individual needs. We help businesses of all sizes with the procurement of:

·   Laptop and desktop PCs

·   Server equipment

·   Network equipment

·   Software and licenses

We work with a wide range of suppliers and brands, obtaining great partner discounts. We’ll get you the best options for your budget and requirements, meaning you get a reliable solution that lasts. We’ll assess your business model and plans for growth, review your full requirements, then recommend the best hardware for your business. Buying in bulk from our suppliers, we are often able to secure significant discounts for our customers.

As part of our IT hardware procurement service, we can also set up new machines ready for your users. Whether that’s just running through setup procedures, installing new software on servers or creating advanced user profiles, we can take the hassle out of new hardware.

Bluebell can also ensure that your IT networks are fully managed, both in terms of IT hardware and software. Not only will you be fully compliant with software licensing, but you’ll also be able to accurately budget for future expenditure based on a clear IT asset management plan.

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IT Hardware Leasing

Bluebell also provides a leasing option for its customers. Our IT hardware leasing service can simplify the business acquisition of IT hardware. We offer leasing on PCs, laptops, servers, network and communications equipment, and more.

Our dedicated IT hardware team can recommend the best solutions for your business. We can then provide this to you on a lease period that keeps costs low while giving you the equipment you need.

Benefits of Hardware Leasing

There’s a number of reasons why companies should consider hardware leasing:

Business growth – Expansion is expensive. More staff and bigger premises are upfront costs you can’t avoid, but new IT hardware is a cost you can. Leasing your equipment from Bluebell spreads the cost of new equipment, allowing you to do better things with the money saved on upfront expenditure.

Smarter for finance – Having to purchase large amounts of new IT hardware can put a dent in your company’s finances: it doesn’t look great on balance sheets and leaves your business with less disposable cash to play with. IT hardware leasing appears as a low ongoing service expense, so is more attractive to anyone interested in your financial data. And as leasing is a fixed managed cost, it’s easier for a business to budget for.

Better hardware – Cheap IT hardware can be as inefficient as having an actual IT problem. Staff will work slower (and usually in a worse mood). For some industries, cheap IT hardware also impacts that organisation’s image.

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