GDPR Policy

You acknowledge and agree that all information and services provided to you by us is not, and shall not be construed or deemed to be, legal advice in any way and that we are a technology company and do not provide any legal advice or services. Any references to data protection legislation, including without limitation the General Data Protection Regulations, is purely provided to illustrate how our services are relevant for your organisation. We do not give any warranty, undertaking or representation that any information given herein or in connection herewith is full, complete or accurate nor does we give any warranty, undertaking or representation that any of our services will ensure that you or your organisation will comply with any legal requirement. The services to be provided by us do not constitute full compliance with all applicable legal requirements, the responsibility and liability for which remains solely with you and your organisation and is expressly hereby excluded by us, which you hereby accept and agree. You must seek your own legal advice from a suitably qualified and authorised professional legal services provider and you are not entitled to (and must not) rely on anything stated in any documentation or orally in connection with the same or our services as providing you with comprehensive advice as to any legal situation or legal compliance. You must implement your own processes and procedures to ensure your legal compliance with all applicable legal requirements.